Weblogs Compendium


Blawg Search - Searches Law blogs

Blog Search - Search for a blog, add your own blog, or grab an RSS feed on the blog topic of your choice. From Jayde Online

Blog Search Engine - also has a directory structure

Blogdigger - RSS Search Engine

BlogHop - Allows searching and rating of blogs

blogtracker - Lets you see when your favorite weblogs have been updated last, so you can read the freshest blog entries

Bloogz - search and submission service. Based in Italy


Daypop - A current events search engine which crawls the living web at least once a day to bring you the latest information relevant to your searches. The living web is composed of sites that update on a daily basis: newspapers, online magazines, and weblogs.


eatonweb portal - Started in early 1999 when there were less than 50 known weblogs. Over 10000 listed

Fagan Finder - searches Weblogs, Journals, & RSS

Feedster - a search engine for what is called a "RSS Feed". An RSS Feed is an XML tagged file which allows a website, news site or blog (actually any site) to provide to the world a list of its current contents. RSS feeds can contain all kinds of information from news to blog / weblog posts to stock quotes and more

linkwatcher - Linkwatcher is a system designed to publicize and monitor weblogs. It visits all the blogs it knows about once every hour, updates the search engine, and determines whether each blog has changed

Technorati - new keyword search feature provides you with the most up-to-date search of all of the weblogs that Technorati tracks - over 1,616,471 at last count

Trusted Blog Search Tool - a search box that lets readers search the web, your site, or blogs you read

Waypath - Contextual navigation of 9,874,535 posts from 942,083 weblogs (as of November 1, 2003)